So..I was Born in Houston, Texas and raised in the US Virgin Islands! I am a proud mom of 2 Beautiful girls, ages 12 and 2. They are literally my Fuel. They are the accountability I need to remain focused and driven personally and professionally. I can NEVER let them down! In 2013, I became the Founder of Caribbean Local Fashion; an Island-themed jewelry line created to give our natives a piece to always remember the place we call 'home', no matter where we are. Starting January of 2019, I made the decision to start teaching what I know to those coming up and starting a business of their own. I also mentor young ladies who need assistance in finding their purpose and direction. In a nutshell, I help you achieve your Entrepreneurship Goals, Personal Life & Financial Goals through Coaching, Credit Repair Services and also as Licensed Life Insurance Agent...I offer Financial Security products for you and your kids.


For the last 7 years, I have been super focused on mastering the art of Retail in both Brick and Motor and Online E-commerce platforms. I've maintained an average revenue of 6 figures every year since the start and the best part is, I've done this all on my own. Yes, I've hired staff for assistance, but the mastermind behind everything is Michelle Francheska Moreland. Because my retail business is now successfully flowing on it's own, with a neat structure that I've worked so hard on, I am now able to open myself to pass on my knowledge, experience and skills to those interested in the Retail or general Entrepreneurship world.



Are you selling items online or in-store?
Have you been thinking of starting your own small business?


But the beauty is getting from nothing to something, and then something to greatness!
Everything that has been used to succeed continuously with her business, has been self taught. Things like Marketing, Photography, Web Design, Advertising, the Psychology of Retail and most importantly, how to keep those sales coming!

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