Retail Business Blueprint


For a quick guide, purchase and download this Blueprint created by the Founder of Caribbean Local Fashion!


  • How I Built My Website Myself
  • How I Bring Traffic To My Website
  • How I Market & Advertise
  • How I Create Social Media & Website Content
  • How I Started My T-Shirt Collection w/ no Inventory
  • The Devices I Use To Sell Online
  • How I Process Exchanges
  • How I Embed Forms On My Website
  • How I Create Ads & Digital Products 
  • How I File My Florida Taxes (Hassle Free)
  • How I Keep Customers Coming Back
  • My Self-Photography Tools
  • How I Create & Edit Videos
  • How I Collect Real Reviews
  • How I Edit My Photos
  • How I Gross 6-Figures Every Year

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